100% satisfied with the professionalism and integrity of this company! Everything was legitimate and delivered as promised! The lines of communication were excellent and the entire process was amazing. Caleb is definitely “The real deal!” We could not have asked for anything more. Definitely exceeded our expectations!

- Mr. & Mrs. York

San Antonio, TX

Great and wonderful experience working with Caleb and everyone else there at Tri County Homebuyers. Was in kind of tough predicament and they came in and helped. Great company and even better people. Highly recommend them

- Mr. Johnson

Bandera County, TX

“They are fair , honest .”

- Mrs. Li

“Caleb purchased our property in Corpus Christi. He facilitated a seamless closing. All went well.”

- Mr. & Mrs. Sharpe

“I had an amazing experience with Caleb with Tri- County Home Buyer.”

- Mrs. Norrell

Tri-County Home Buyer was pleasant to work with! The closing was fast and efficient! I highly recommend working with them 🙂

- Mrs. Kelley

Tri-County Home Buyer was very easy to work with! They communicated well and were extremely transparent and upfront. They kept me up to date on the closing process and even helped me clear some title issues I was having with the property. Best of all, they made sure we closed on schedule!

- Mr. Marcus

Tri-County Home Buyer is a standup company. They honored our deal. No BS, no hidden costs.

- Mr. Vogler

I had the pleasure of selling my family home to Caleb and his team at Tri-County Home Buyer. My home had been in the family since 1910. Caleb did not have an aggressive manner and he made the sell of my home a very easy process.

Caleb was professional, respectful and honest. It is refreshing in todays world to be treated kindly, fairly and given respect.

Our home had been vacant for over 12 years and we sold it “as is”. The entire process was very quick, (14 days from beginning to end) with no problems. Nothing popped up last minute and the offer never changed.

I would definitely recommend Tri-County Home Buyer to anyone looking to sell.

- Mr. & Mrs. Carr

Tri-County Home Buyer did everything they said they were going to do! They kept their word and made the process of selling my home easy. They also allowed me to rent back the house for 2 months after closing (on my ideal budget) so that I could take my time moving. I truly enjoyed working with this company, and would highly recommend them!

- Mr. Randall